photo_21They say it takes a village to raise a child and our experience tells us that a band is the same. They’re both loud, they both break your stuff without permission, and they both cost more time, energy, and money than you would believe. For this reason we would like to send our sincere and earnest gratitude to all those who have assisted us and allowed our dream to stay alive so far!

First and foremost we thank you, our fans and casual listeners, friends and family, for helping us get this beast off the ground! Janet, this ones for you! Keep rocking!

We also want to send a shout out to our former members; Scottie Wojo, Patrick Granberg, and Ben Cercavschi. Without you fellas we wouldn’t have the original recordings or a place to start. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and thank you for your contributions!

Next we would like to thank the others who helped us get our sound out and get it off the ground. Special thanks to Rob and Nancy Wojo for letting us create this racket in your basement for the first year of the project!

Now on to recording! Thank you to Kevin at Uphill Recording, formerly 2 Time Records, for getting our first EP, Survival Tips, recorded and mixed. Next a big thank you to Scott at Joe Quality Studios for recording and mixing our newest EP, Alive and Kicking. Also our gratitude goes out to the crew at Chicago Mastering for their excellent refining work!

And thanks to Miguel Lepe for making us look good in our pics and the “Misery Loves Company” video, it ain’t easy making punk look pretty.

Finally we come back to you, the fans. Without you this is all pointless. We’re here for you! So enjoy the jams and join us out in Chicago for some epic times! I’m sure I’m forgetting plenty of people I’m forgetting, but you’ll just have to come out and tell me to my face! See you all at the show! Thanks again!

~Craig Erpelding and The Stay-Alives

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